It’s July – everyone is on holiday?!

6a00d834515bbc69e20168e929b082970cI know, I know it’s July, and most people think about their summer holiday.
If there was a Murphy’s low of vacation, it would probably state: “Vacation ends at the moment when you are feeling best about being on vacation!”. Actually, this is why working while others are on holiday brings a special kind of pleasure ad is distinguished by greater efficiency for the simple reason that when you have a set daily routine, rest comes in bite-size chunks you can swallow, as opposed to everything at once.
I personally love skiing and I try to reserve most of my vacation (If I have a chance to have any) time for the winter/mountains, as often as I can. Of course, I can’t mess with anyone’s preferences and vacation plans, but allow me to give a few tips from my personal experience on how to have a pleasant summer holiday and a more satisfaction during the vacation season.

  • Plan your holiday as early as you can, and coordinate it with your colleagues, if possible. This will save you needless fretting before and after vacation.
  • Rest usually lies in variation-choose the type of vacation that changes your work stereotypes the most.
  • Do not make plans to go on vacation with people whose company you are not entirely sure you will enjoy.
  • It’s better to miss the travel and resort rush hour-it  stress you out and your vacation goes to hell.
  • If you have gaps in your work day, write out a self-improvement plan should I even mention that there is a heck of a lot on the internet?
  • Try not to get on your own nerves (nor o those around you) with demands or irritation – after all, you are in the office and that’s not going to change – at least not until the vacation.
  • When coming back, give yourself a week-end recover, otherwise the “vacation shock”can be quite depressing.
  • Don’t annoy your colleagues who didn’t take a vacation with stories about your wonderful vacation – we all belive you that it was great – share the details only with people who want to hear them!
  •  And last, but not least – don’t belive me entirely! This summer I am taking a rest by working for myself – It’s got a different feel to it!


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