10584077_10203585247886330_2408361165643493632_nHi world,
As you know or you may don’t know I am consultant and soft skills trainer. I disappear for awhile from wordpress, but I am back now and today I will write about the problems.
Imagine every single day we are struggle to the wall to expect or solve some situation – I will call it problem solving situation. No matter if it is in family or in work – anyway they are connected – but this is another story.
So how you dill with this problems? Is it so easy? No it is not? Is it so difficult? Again it is not.
Except that I am consultant and soft skills trainer I am running my own business and I am full time mum. So every single day I face the problem solving situation.
Today I am going to write about problem solving situation in work place.
We are human and we are working with human so this make my job very interesting. To solve the problem first of all you should find out what is the problem for all point of view. Of course sometimes you don’t have this time, so you should think fast. How about this: Do not bring me the problems bring me the solutions – in more situation this moto will help you. It is certainly so. Instead of stimulating responsibility, it actually forces you or your team, or even your kid to close their eyes to problems they see but cannot solve. When you say: “Do not bring me the problems bring me the solutions!” you actually say: “Of all the problems you encounter, I want to know only about those you can solve.” – It is dangerous and unproductive sentence. Why? Let’s find out.
Problem identification can be an individual sport but finding the solution is rarely such. If you let people inform you only of those problems that they can solve, you miss many opportunities for growth.
Yes I know in first sight this sound good: “Hey, go and get some problems solved. You are clever, you are capable – I believe you will do it!”. But no matter how benevolent this sentence is, it is misleading. I always feel a slight fear when I hear managers say it – and it is quite often. I suspect that one of the reasons for the popularity of this phrase is that managers use it to silence employees that are always complaining. Managers must find another way to cope with the moaners.
So what to do? Especially in work environment you must create a culture of responsibility that does not limit recognition only to those who spot the problem and find its solution. Of course, you want to award creativity way of solving the problems, but you also want to show respect to the man that exposes the problem, regardless of it is big or small. The conclusion is that you cannot improve your performance if you do not solve problems and you cannot solve problems that you are not aware of.
Culture of honest communication and trust.
Have a good day everyone,


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