Face the conflict

Today I will share with you one of the most valuable international project that was hosted here in Bulgaria and yes I was the TRAINER
Training Course “Face the Conflict”in brief .
Participants from Spain, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania gathered together in Bankia, Bulgaria in order to discuss different methods for conflict resolution and management during the project “Face the Conflict“. Another successful training.
My job was to create and to implement the right activity and theory according to the program from the beggining to the end – 10 days. And of course to work with the group as a trainer, the methodology that i chose to use was learning by doing, learning by feeling, case study, debrief sessions, feedback, evaluation, self and group evaluation, video analiz of the behavior, hendouts…I love to do projects that challenge me, and hopefully in turn challenge the audience, or open their eyes to something they’re not aware of.

This training course was valuable not only as a practice and theoretical knowledge but as well as it changed the life of our participants.

“The genuine feeling that you could rediscover the human feelings within yourself, through training, small talk, big talk, through serious and very unseriouss interactions. How nice it can feel to be human, to feel that you can enjoy being true to others, and most importantly, yourself. The thing that really makes my heart go a bit bleeding (yes, exactly like the guys that didn’t want to vote “Guilty”), is that the training, and overall experience was so fulfilling, so complete in its own nature, that you could cut bonds with your everyday routines, emotional patterns, and just enjoy the Cruise of happiness with our trainers, and rest of the one-of-a-kind personalities that there were. Leaving your everyday thoughts behind, and just being surprised, how happy you can be (as it is in my case)
It is so rare that you can find the environment where all can nurture each other with their honesty and exchange of true happiness, and help each other bloom to a full flower of their beautiful personalities.”A small paragraph written by one of our participants.


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