My motto is : Grow Yourself—Grow Your Practice!

Imagine that you live in two realities. One is the “reality of ideas.” This is where your wants, desires, goals, dreams, and visions reside. This reality is flowing, fluid, and fun. The second reality is “physical reality.” This is where your dreams manifest. It is the dense, hard, in-your-face reality where you have what you want—the full schedule of excellent clients with their money deposits in the bank. Hooray!

         However, there is a line of demarcation between these two realities. Maria Nemeth (1999), in The Energy of Money, calls this barrier between ideas, desires, and physical manifestation “trouble at the border.” This is where all those juicy dreams dry up in the desert of life.

Let’s explore this line of demarcation – kind of midn catter;)
It is here that many people turn aside from truly “going for” what they want. It is here that our “mind chatter” gets in the way. It says things such as, “Who do you think you are?” “Do you really want this?” “It’s too uncomfortable,” “You’ll never make it,” “It’s not worth the struggle,” “This is too hard,” “Why bother, you’re OK already,” “This is scary!” “Sales is demeaning,” “I’m too good to have to sell,” “If only someone would bring me clients, I’d be a great coach,” “Maybe I can find someone else to do this for me.”

            This “mind chatter” is really a manifestation of your ego or your survival mind. The purpose of the mind is to keep you safe. It likes status quo and stability. It knows that, whatever you have done in the past, you have at least survived. It does not know whether you will survive with new patterns and new goals. New dreams do not have a track record. So it does everything in its clever and conniving way to keep you safe, keep you the same, and keep you from changing. Truly, that is the mind’s job. It is only doing its duty! This is why so many people have great ideas until they get to the “border.” They feel its resistance and turn back. They do not make it through.  In your mind, picture border guards lined up with guns, ready to blast away as you peek timidly over the top of the wall. The mind uses all the guns it can fire to keep you sidetracked. It calls on all the negative, limiting beliefs you have to keep you stuck—to maintain stasis. That is why it is so convincing. So thank your mind for doing its job, for helping you to survive until now, and move forward.

Is there Potential for Growth?
Are you willing to “reframe”  from being an obstacle to being a powerful and potent vehicle for your growth? Just know that, as you grow through your barriers, you will become “attractive”. You will become  increased confidence and experience, and you will have greater credibility from demonstrating your courage.

            Our limiting beliefs are like bricks that are used to build the wall of our “borders,” and they get in the way of building our coaching businesses. So let’s begin to identify some of those bricks that make up that wall. Imagine moving those bricks one-byone over to the solid foundation that will build your life.

   Focusing on positive aspects allows you to align your efforts.

 How could you rewrite the limiting beliefs you have so that you can begin to choose their opposite? Moving those bricks that form the wall at “trouble at the border” will create and leave a space through which you can begin to move into “physical reality” and manifest the busy that you desire. Imagine that brick wall “border” with a hole in it through which your energy can flow to create the reality that pleases you.

          Perhaps some of your experiences demonstrate pushing through the “border” successfully.

            One final hint: Express gratitude for what you already have. This begins to loosen the mortar between the bricks in your wall at the “border.” And be grateful for this opportunity to explore one more area to grow as an individual, as you grow your business!

Have a great day,


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