The tiger who wished to be a king

indexOne morning the tiger woke up in the jungle and told his wife that he was King of the beasts.
“Leo the Lion, is King of the beasts”.- she said.
“We need a change”- said the tiger. I will be King od beasts by the time the moon rises. It will be a yellow moon with black stripes, in my honour.”
Öh, yes”, said the tigeress and went to look after her young.
The tiger walked throught the jungle till he came to the lion’s den. “Come out,  he roared, and greet the King of Beasts!”Inside the den the lioness woke her husband. “The King is here to see you”- she said. “What King?”the lion asked sleepily. “The King od Veasts, “the lioness answered.
“I am the King of the Beasts”- roared the lion and ran out to defend the crown.
It was a terrible fight and it lasted untill the setting of the sun. All animals of the jungle joined in, some taking the side of the tiger, the others  the side of the lion. Some animals did not know which they were fighting for, and some fought for nearest, and some fought for the sake of fighting.
“What are you fighting for?”- someone asked one of the animals.
“The old order.”- he said.
“What are you dying for?”someone asked another animal.
“The new order”- he said.

…When the moon rose, all the beasts of the jungle were dead except for the tiger and his days were numbered.

Moral: You can’t very well be king of beasts if there aren’t any!

P.S  This story is alegory




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